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THIS IS NOT A SALES COMMUNITY! Occasionally members will offer some things from their personal stash to buy on the cheap or free for shipping, but we do not allow posts from "professional" sellers. There's other communities for that!

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You will find we're very fond of custom scented bath products. That is by no means the limit of what you can post about, anything girly goes, but you'll find a lot of posts about them. Here are the three most popular sites you'll see mentioned
MMU Cosmetics - there is a special bunnygirly discount at this site, please post to ask about how to get it if you're going to order.
Coconut Hut
Body Perfumery
Northern Essence

Also, not a custom bath products site, but definitely luxury bath products that many of us adore: Lush!

Others that some members like are
Hannah's Handprints
Skindazzles (especially good for candles & wax tarts)
Rinse Soap

The sites we do not recommend at all are
Suds & Light - The products are good, the customer service sucks. At least three members have been totally jacked around byt he owner, and I am still waiting in a refund that I suspect I will never see.
Luna Bleu - I had major problems with their products, the milkbath made my skin dry and itchy, and most alarming, one of my bubble bars developed an incredible disgusting wet black rot 3/4 of the way through it while sitting in my cupboard waiting to be used. Plus the orange patchouli milk bath had a label that read ORNGE PORCHULI MLIKBATH WITH ROSE PETTLES which made me a little uneasy about her level of expertise in the area.

Scent Reviews

Please look in The Memories for comprehensive scent reviews from our most popular sellers.