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Virtual Makeover for just_glory

As you may or may not know, I love doing people's make-up. I've taken a few classes in it, did stage make-up for the drama clubs in high school, and made-up all my own models when I was a photography major in college. When I managed a beauty salon for a year in the 90s, I did Aveda makeovers in the salon as a sideline and usually sold everything I put on my client's faces. It's something I really enjoy, and recently have been offering to do in a "virtual" sense for my friends online.

Basically, you tell me if you want drugstore brands or Sephora brands, and email me a good close up photo of yourself, with or without make-up. Then I post all the brands and colours I would put on you if I were going to do your face, which allows you to go to the drugstore (or Sephora) armed with my recommendations and make yourself over!

I can only do two a week, believe it or not it's actually time consuming and I can only focus on one girl at a time. Right now I have the next three weeks filled up, but when I get nearer to the end of the queue, I'll post a message here asking if anyone else would like one.

Here's the first one!

Drugstore makeover for just_glory
Foundation Neutrogena Clean Tint Make-Up
I leave it to you to find your best shade, no way to tell via photographs. Apply with a make-up sponge and be sure it's well blended along your jawline!
Under-eye concealer (if needed) Neutrogena Skin Soothing Under Eye Concealer
Tip: Use the brush to dab it on underneath your eye, then use your fingertip to *pat*pat*pat* it all around the under-eye area until it's blended. Do not rub!
Eyeshadow Cover Girl Eye Enhancers Trio in Dance Party
Use the lightest color from your brow down to your eyelashes. Cover just the lid of your eye with the middle color, then use just a tiny bit of the darkest color in the crease of your eye, from a little more than halfway towards your nose out to the far edge. Then make a small soft V to bring the color down to the corner of your eye
Eyeliner Revlon Wet/Dry Eyeliner in Chocolate Bar
You can experiment to see if you prefer it wet or dry, I like to use it dry. Just use a little bit under your eyes and along your upper lashline, blended a bit so it's soft looking
Mascara Cover Girl Lash Exact Mascara in Black Brown
Blush Revlon Powder Blush in 03 Blushed
Tip: Apply lightly to the apples of your cheeks while smiling with a flat fan shaped brush
Lip colour Revlon Lipglide Sheers in Sheer Raspberry

cymraeg, yours will be posted tomorrow.
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