December 13th, 2006

Origins Ginger Souffle...for a low low price...


I have a great item to offer you today.

Origins Ginger Souffle: this has only been used a couple times, so more than 95% remains. If you LOVE this scent, and have needed some, this is a great time to get this!

I am selling the souffle for $15, and a low $5 for shipping! That is much lower than what you'd pay at the mall...

So, for a total of $20 you are getting a great deal.

(Sorry I don't take: checks, and I don't have paypal)

But if you are comfortable with sending cash, or a MO, and you'd like this...please comment :)

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2006 BunnyGirly Gift Swap Update!

As several have already noted, the idea behind this was to send new unused items. If you would like to make arrangements other than that, you can discuss that with the individual you are swapping with!

Please mail all items before December 20th.

Below is the swapping list - I simply put us all in reverse order according to response time and price. (In other words, I didn't select individuals in any way based on who I thought she should give to or receive from).

Please contact the person you are supposed to send the package to in order to obtain her address.

The $20 Club:

lebonheurbum gives to absolute_bliss
absolute_bliss gives to fireyirishangel
fireyirishangel gives to sheepi83
sheepi83 gives to its_what_we_are
its_what_we_are gives to slicktrick81
slicktrick81 gives to glossgirl
glossgirl gives to pluvia
pluvia gives to militarychef
militarychef gives to itsajhthing
itsajhthing gives to minibucher
minibucher gives to dollbite
dollbite gives to lebonheurbum

The $25 Club:
sarahjewel and jenlove are exchanging with each other!

That should get everyone from the last post. Let me know if there are any changes that need to be made!
Happy Swapping!