December 12th, 2006

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I don't know if this has been done here before or even if there would be much interest, but has there ever been a BunnyGirly Holiday Gift Swap? As I was packaging up some other things, I came across some things that I have either received as gifts that are products that I don't use or that I have purchased for myself that I've never used. If others were interested, we could say that we each put together a box with some of our unused items and set a certain price minimum and/or maximum and send them off as a gift swap to the others involved. Just a thought - anyone else interested?

2006 BunnyGirly Gift Swap

Since I suggested it, I guess I can organize it too! Below is my suggested means of organization - if you all think it should be done differently, let me know.

2006 BunnyGirly Gift Swap!

1. Reply to this message saying that you are interested in swapping by noon tomorrow, December 13, 2006. Include in the message the approximate gift value you are interested in swapping (for example, I am comfortable swapping a $10 or $20 value gift box, etc.)

ETA: Please also include any helpful hints about what you like or dislike. If there are certain products you hate or love, feel free to let us know so that your gift giver is aware of your tastes.

ETA: Please, if you are an Express Credit Card holder or would not mind opening one, let us know! There is a great Express gift card just waiting to be gifted!

2. I will take those who have responded and match them off according to the amount they are comfortable swapping. I'll attempt to not do "direct matches" meaning that Sally gives to Betty and Betty gives to Sally, but rather Sally gives to Betty, Betty gives to Suzie, an Suzie gives to Sally, in an attempt to keep things interesting.

3. I will post the matches tomorrow afternoon and you can contact each other in order to exchange addresses.

4. Package up a box containing the approximate gift value you volunteered for - gifts may include shower and bath products, makeup, or any other BunnyGirly suitable items.

5. Ship the package by December 20, 2006 to your gift swap partner and wait eagerly for yours!