December 9th, 2006

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I hope this is okay to post here!

I know a lot of you really dig the BPAL, so I thought I'd let you know I'm trying to get rid of a ton of BPAL that I have leftover from decant groups that I've run and from my own personal purchases -- scents that haven't worked out for me for one reason or another.

I've posted the sale in my own LJ to make things a bit easier for me administratively.

creamy lipgloss

Hi ladies!

After years and years of loving shiny, glossy, glassy lip glosses, I find myself looking for something that's just very creamy, pinkish, and very luscious. Is there such a thing or need I turn to lipstick? I've always been such a lip gloss girl! I wandered up and down the aisles of Target yesterday on my quest and came up empty-handed.