December 6th, 2006

Birdy Love

Bath Goodies for Boys?

Ed has gotten into taking baths once a week or so, reading through the Harry Potter series for the first time and laughing at the kitten who's obviously going to fall into the tub in all of her curiosity.

I asked him tonight if he'd like me to get him some bath goodies and he said "like what?" to which I mentioned bubble bath, bombs, melts, and the like. He said "why?" I don't think he understands how fun a bath truly can be.

So now I'm looking through the Lush website trying to find a few things to put in his stocking this year. No glittery, no pieces of flowers (I don't want either of those things in my baths, either -- I just have to pick it out of the drain later), and no cinnamon scents, please. But does anyone have any specific suggestions?

And of course, as I go along, I'm picking out some stocking stuffers for myself, too. I have a desire to give Lush another try after an ill-fated trip to a Lush store that put my nose into overdrive and left me unable to smell a blessed thing. I was overwhelmed and nothing appealed to me in the least. Recommendations are welcome, and encouraged!

The things I've listed as 'Must Try'Collapse )