October 24th, 2006


Sephora In Girl- How many bunnygirlies can we get?

Curiousity compels me to post this from Sephora's mailing list.

Sephora In Girls

Do you have that one friend who would do anything for beauty (she'd eat cereal for a week just so she could buy that new anti-wrinkle cream) and is always one step ahead of the trends? If you know a beauty early-adapter (she's been wearing clumpy lashes since spring), or a makeup addict (collecting lip gloss is her hobby), or you happen to be one yourself, we want them (and you) on our exclusive, trend-spotting team.

So what does it mean to be a Sephora In Girl?

a spot on our elite panel of beauty VIP's for one year
access to exclusive online surveys
a chance to sound off on all things beauty
an opportunity to preview new products

This is exciting, as I'm liable to drop a good chunk of change at Sephora just about anytime I think about it now.
I'm even curious enough to try for it, but I'm happy to nominate anyone else that asks! (PrincessBunny, anyone?)
The tee-shirt looks cute, let's see how many bunnygirlies we can get on there.
I'm lilithim at gmail dot com, but feel free to comment if you'd like to hop on the train!

The catch - it closes on October 31st.
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