October 15th, 2006

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First, tell us a little about yourself-Hi. I am Olivia. 25 yrs old. Live in Houston with my husband. Currently looking for work, and looking to go back to school.

Now, your favourites...
Place to shop for beauty products: Sephora!
Drugstore cosmetic brand: Don't really buy drugstore cosmetics
High end cosmetic brand: I have a few: Cargo, Clinique, Too faced
Foundation: Don't wear it.
Concealer: Don't really wear it that much.
Eyeliner: Don't wear it.
Mascara: I have Sephora brand right now. I also like Benefit Badgal
Blush: The one I have is Sephora
Lipstick/Lipgloss: A few: Cargo and Clinique
Nail polish brand: Sephora
Perfume: Clinique happy
Men's Cologne: Antonio Banderas
Shampoo: Bath and body works: Black raspberry vanilla
Conditioner: Don't really use it.
Styling Product Aussie hair spray
Soap/Shower gel:Aveeno
Bath additive (bubbles/ballistic/oil/salts etc..):Don't really like baths.

Do you have a facial cleansing ritual? If so, what is it and what products do you use? Are you happy with them, or looking for better ones? Yes. Aveeno. Cleansing bar, and moisturizer. I am very satisfied.

Preferred Hair Removal Method: Legs: Shave. Brows: Wax.

Any other products you can't live without? Lotion!

Any products you hate, or have had a bad experience with? I don't like bubble baths. I have gotten rashes from them.

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I am searching for a regular skincare routine, and I'm overwhelmed by all of the choices.

I have dry patches on my face, and the girls at MAC say that moisturizers with alcohol will make my problem worse. But finding a product without alcohol in it is nearly impossible.

I'm thinking of going with Philosophy products, but I want some advice. Do you love them? Hate them?