August 28th, 2006

Super Ninja Monkey
  • suhl

Makeup counters

Between this and my previous posts about eyeshadow, I feel like I'm doing a really bad job of being a girl. But I'm learning, and that's why I joined this community!

That said... can somebody give me a basic introduction to going to the department store makeup counter? Do they just look you over and make you up? Do you need an appointment? How much are you then expected to buy? I've heard of Clinique Bonus Time... do other brands do that sort of thing? Should I wait for some sort of sale/special like that? What are your favorite counters? I love wandering around Sephora, but in reality I don't think I've bought much that was more expensive than Cover Girl. So yeah. Help me be a better girly girl. :-)

(My apologies if I may have asked this before a long time ago... I think about going to one from time to time and never have done it!)