August 25th, 2006

Feelin' blue

MMU order... my very first... help!

I think i'm going to actually stop drooling and make an order from MMU. There is so many scents that I feel overwhelmed in trying to pick and choose. I need your help. I've narrowed it down to a handful, and need help selecting. I haven't decided which scent I want to go with which product, but I will probably order a few scrubs, a lotion or two, hair detangler/spray, maybe the luscious dust (is this the stuff you use for the bed, Lily?). I'll list the names of the scents i'm looking at then under the cut, will be the full description of the scent. Any opinions and suggestions are greatly appreciated (good or bad)!! Thanks!

Fluffy Violet Clouds
Apple Kiss Margarita
Chewy Marshmallow Lemon Squares
Coconut Peach Custard
Green Tea & White Peach
Key Lime Pie
Tahitian Vanilla & Blood Orange
A Mermaid's Wish
Bunny's Peachy Keen Pie
Cranberry Spiced Chai
Crêpe Suzette
Gin Daisy Tini
Iced Melon Slush
Lemon Drop Cookie
Peony Petals
Satsuma Vaniglia
Sea Glass

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