August 17th, 2006

Doll Lindsey


Dumping apple cider vinegar on your head DOES get rid of dandruff. Fast.

I've been using Head and Shoulders for years and that's always managed my scalp, but it's been pretty bad since I got pregnant. So I googled "dandruff home remedies" and kept coming up with cider vinegar. Last night I put it all over my scalp (dry hair) with a washcloth and just let it dry, slept that way. This morning shampooed like normal.

Dandruff's almost completely gone. I'm so delighted. Just wanted to share in case anyone has the same problem.

Oh, and yes, I can still smell my hair just a tiny bit, but it's not awful and my husband hasn't noticed it since my head dried.

Lush product ideas

So my husband is taking me to Lush in DC this weekend for a birthday shopping spree. Woo hoo! I haven't been to an actual Lush store in a loooong time. I am pretty stoked. I'm looking for some ideas for Lush products to check out.

What I've tried so far--I Love Juicy Shampoo, American Cream conditioner, Happy Hippy shower gel, and Coconut and Almond shower soap.

A little bit about me and my preferences--I have combination skin that is a tad on the sensitive side--my cheeks are dry and my nose is always a beacon of light. I like clean and citrusy smells. Oh and I don't take baths so no bath bombs :( But I am open to shower stuff, other shampoos and conditioners, skin stuff, and body lotions.

Thanks girls :)
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Super Ninja Monkey

Costume makeup

This isn't quite what this community is for, but I thought those of you who wear makeup a lot more often than I do can help.

Two years ago, I made an Illyria costume (from Angel, the Buffy spinoff). Last year I was too pregnant to wear it. Now it's almost time to do it again for Dragoncon. I'd like to do a little better job on the makeup this time, so I'm looking for suggestions.

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It actually looks like maybe eye makeup is what I need the most help with. I kinda suck at eyes! And it needs to last all sweaty day.