July 31st, 2006



My first Coconut Hut order came in a week or two ago and I'm slowly getting around to using the products. Bear with me if I can't remember the exact names of things:

-Shave Creme in Mango Lassi: I really like the scent of this, it's a nice creamy/mango combination. The creme itself is very moisturizing although I felt I had to use a lot to get a decent coverage on my legs so I wouldn't cut myself. For $8, an occasional indulgence, but I don't think it will replace my regular shaving cream.

-Aloe-Ha Body Lotion: I may be in the minority here but I was really disappointed by the consistency (thin) and richness of this body lotion (not very moisturizing). My stuff from B&BW is twice as thick. Obviously, the benefit of CH is their large scent selection. So far I have tried Hawaiian Honeymoon Cake and Beach Goddess. I really liked the Hawaiian Honeymoon Cake. It was fruity, with a hint of sweetness and also creaminess. Very nice balance. Did not like Beach Goddess very much. It smelled like fake coconuts, not like the rich coconut scent I was looking for.

I do have more body lotion scents to try and also some of the body souffle, which will hopefully be more moisturizing. I will have to get a little scooper and lose my fear of souffle-under-the-nails.

And now something I smelled today that knocked my socks off--H20 Plus Tropicalia in Cocolotus. OMG this is the coconut I am looking for! "Leaves skin lightly scented with exotic essences of perfectly ripened pineapple, caramel-infused coconut and night-blooming blue lotus." Drool drool drool. This is soooo Hawaiian! Unfortunately it's not cheap ($15-20 each for shower cream, exfoliator and souffle) but Nordstrom has a gift set where you get all three for $40 and it includes a loofah. If I can wait that long it is going on my birthday list right this minute!