July 19th, 2006



I'm a member of a wedding community, and I bought some eyeshadow that I thought would look great on me. It doesn't.. and I tried to offer it up in there and got in trouble. I was refered here to see if anyone wants it, and I see nothing in the userinfo that says otherwise.. So I'm asking before I get grumped at again...

Is it ok to offer up perfectly new eyeshadow for the cost of it? Free S&H since I can do it from work.

ETA: Yes it was used once. It's a 3 color package. I purchased also a new applicator brush and it only touched one color. The Darker green. So essentially a brand new brush touched a brand new color. No other color was touched by anything. It was purchased this evening.

Ok, now that I know it's ok.. here's the pic
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