July 12th, 2006

Gloss Caroline

Your two "scents"

OK I have been dazzled by the Coconut Hut website and am going to place an order. Would like some feedback on these scents though. A little bit about me--I like fruity but not too sugar-y sweet. Current faves are B&BW coconut lime verbena and (yum!) tropical colada.

Also, have many of you tried their roll-on perfume and do you like them? How would they compare to an Origins or Stila roll-on fragrance (if you've used those)?

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Gloss Caroline

Couple more questions...

Has anyone tried the Coconut Hut shaving cream? I hate to spend $8 on shaving cream but my legs are really dry and I haven't found a regular shaving gel that doesn't dry them out completely. Plus the gel slides all over my legs and half of it goes down the drain anyway. (I'm a klutz!) Although I'm wondering if the added scent would make it less moisturizing...

Also, when I get the sample pack, the options are the body lotion, body souffle, body cream, or body butter. Which do you prefer? I like moisture but I don't like waiting for stuff to soak into my skin because I am perpetually running late. Also because I have long nails I prefer stuff in a bottle because if it's in a tub it gets under my nails. So I guess I have answered my own question :) although I am curious how moisturizing their lotion is. I hate when I buy lotion and put it on and 10 mins later my legs feel dry again!