June 15th, 2006

Mrs. Smith

Mary Kay Satin Hands Smoothie

As many of you know, I am a Mary Kay consultant.  Recently, the company came out with a new Satin Hands set.  If anyone has tried Mary Kay before, it's pretty likely that you have tried the old Satin Hands set.  It has 4 steps - Extra Emollient Night Cream, Buffing Cream, Cleansing Gel, and Hand Cream.  Now the set has 3 steps.

The Satin Hands Smoothie

Now it has the same Extra Emollient Night Cream and Hand Cream, but the Cleansing Gel and Buffing Cream are now combined.  They are in a hand pump, have a wonderful peachy scent, and it's a harsher exfoliant the the old one was.  I finally used this product tonight, and I'm in love.  There's a little bit of a peachy scent yet, and my hands are smoother than usual.  It's so much easier to use this way, and I can't wait to place my order to get some of it!
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