June 5th, 2006

just think

body mist & perfume sale!

Now that I've discovered the fantasticness that is BPAL, I find that I am not reaching for my body sprays at all anymore. So, instead of having them take space in my bathroom cabinet, I'm putting them up for sale here! :)

The prices are mostly to cover shipping and bubble mailers. All of them have been used less than 10x. I can only accept non-cc Paypal.

MMU's Angel Mist (2.5 oz) in Coco Banana - $3.50
MMU's French Connection (1 oz) in Coconut Peach Custard - $7.50
Coconut Hut's Sea Spray Body Mist in Island Flower - $3.50
Coconut Hut's Sea Spray Body Mist in Island Coconut - $3.50

Coconut Hut's Beach Baby Perfume in Coconut Peach Haupia - $7.50
Bath Junkie's Hydrating Body Mist in Passion Fruit Pineapple - $3.50

I will also include a bunch of samples in each package.