May 15th, 2006

honey, pinkpiggies


Body Perfumery Creamy Apricots smell....where have you been all my life? I'm in looooooove.

Watermelon Martini is also quite nice.

She sent a sample of What Little Girls Are Made Of, which I didn't think I'd like from the description, but I do! I love it! Ditto for White Rose Raspberry. Next time I order conditioners, I'm getting some in each of those.

The Creamy Apricots smell is in the self-tanner which I am going to try tomorrow. I'll let y'all know how it tans.

MMU Baguette has totally grown on me. It's weird to smell like the inside of french bread, but it's oddly addictive. I actually asked Nancy to change one of the lotions in my last order from Bunny's Peachy Keen Pie (which, frankly, I have a lot of things in already) to Baguette! It's soooo yum.

Sean took the Tea Leaf Aphrodiasic shower gel off my hands, even though I didn't like it for me, he thought it was nice.

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Tickled Pink Scentsations

Just wondering, have any of you girls tried this site before? I just got my third order from here, and it's again bowled me over. I just have to share how pleased I am. I've ordered from quite a few online vendors, (including the God-awful Suds and Light, who was just terrible on the CS front, but thats another story) and usually not everything works for me, but all the scents I have had so far from Tickled Pink have been excellent.

If you're a fan of MMU I suggest you check them out, shorter waits and cheaper prices. The scent list is not quite so extensive, but there's still some great sniffs on there, plus I got an absolute boatload of free samples. I'm wearing their Orange Juice Cake scent right now, and I want to bite my own limbs. If you want a product recommendation then their Tubble Bubble Powder is amazing, makes my skin so soft after a bath, even in our notorious hard water area.

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