May 12th, 2006

honey, pinkpiggies

Virtual Makeover post redux

I had to repost this because somehow the rich text thing got enabled on the last one when I was adding a name and I couldn't disable it.

If you are already on the list, just post your "what I need from you" info here, so I have everything in one place. There's still three places open, so if you want to be on the list, sign up now!

Okay kids, I'm already missing my Virtual Makeover tasks every week, so I'm opening sign ups again.

Starting on 21 May, I'll do two a week until the end of June. So the next 12 people who respond are in! Three spots still open!

I know some of you want doubles (like you got a drugstore and want a Sephora) let's wait and see if these twelve spots fill up with people who haven't had one yet before we start doing repeats.

What I need from you:
Tell me if you want a Drugstore or a Sephora brands makeover
Tell me if there's anything you refuse to wear or insist on wearing (ie: I only wear cream blush, I hate liquid foundation, etc...)
Tell me if you want a more casual every day look or a more dramatic nighttime/special event look
Email me a photograph of your face (with or without make-up) to bunny at beatthebunny dot com

21 May: pluvia, sofamiliar

28 May: the_tina, carolinab

4 June: susanabanana, brunettemoments

11 June: amity26, laurelf

18 June: lilithim, slicktrick81

25 June: cymraeg (seconds) effy (seconds), militarychef (seconds)