May 9th, 2006

marilyn princess diva

new smell goods!

Here are my most recent smell good items that I've received. The first set are imps from BPAL that I received from jasper17. I can't wait to get some more BPAL scents! So far I'm in love with these.

Regan - This one is fabulous. It smells floraly and a bit musky on me. I wore this one yesterday and couldn't stop sniffing myself.

Black Pearl - I'm wearing this one today. I don't smell the coconut at all, but it's lovely. Although it's kind of faint-smelling on me.

Endymion - I definitely get the lily of the valley scent from this one.

Asphodel - Spring in a bottle! I love it.

I also placed an order recently through The Body Perfumery because that was the one e-tailer that I wanted to try out. I will definitely be buying more from them! The turn-around time was fantastic and I'm really impressed with the scents and products so far.

BP order

Butter Me in Coconut Queen - This scent is the exact same as CH's Island Coconut and the lotion is really super rich, which I love.

Shower Gel in Blackberry Cassis - This smells like berry tea! Very refreshing.

Smooth Me! lotion in Basmati - I normally wouldn't have ordered this scent, but I was kind of intrigued. It's creamy and nutty and really delicious.

Relax Me! Bubble Bath Syrup in Buttermilk Pancakes - All I'm getting from this is maple syrup, but that's not a bad think.

Smooth Me! lotion in Maple Violets - No maple, but definitely a sugary violet scent.

Shea Me! lotion in Dairy Princess - This is really milky and creamy. I wish there was another note in this one, something sweet - maybe vanilla? I'll let this one sit for a little longer before using it.

Bronze Me! Self Tanning Body Glaze in Chocolat de Belgique - YUM! This smells really delicious. I'm always afraid to use self-tanner, so this may be an interesting experiment.