April 5th, 2006

Bucky Giving the Bird

Lush Question

Hi All
I have just received my Lush package and I have one question.
The Sympathy for the Skin, is it supposed to have dark brown/green bits in it? It is fairly small, but long enough to leave me with bits on me.

The rest I go from loving like the Aromacreme deodorant, which is nothing short of amazing, especially as it works, to 'meh, OK' with the Soft Touch body butter which was a little disappointing and is a smell that I'll have to get used to (for nearly £5 I *will* get used to it damnit ;)

Thanks :)


I got my Body Perfumery order today, and I am 100% happy! Yay! It seems like choosing scents can be a crap shoot at time.

Let's see, I got:

Condition Me Silk Amino Conditioner in Dairy Princess
Condition Me Silk Amino Conditioner in Honeyed Nectarines
Shower Me Bath and Shower Gel in Simmering Cider
Shower Me Bath and Shower Gel in Summer Peach
Butter Me Body Spread in Dairy Princess

The two Dairy Princess items are replacements for ones I've used up. I just love this scent. It's warm and clean and comforting. I once said it smelled like old ladies and playdough. I heartily apologize :)

The Silk Amino conditioner is fantastic, I panicked when I saw it in the bargain bin. I guess it's being phased out, which is a shame, it's a great product. It isn't heavy at all, it just leaves my hair strong and shiny and manageable. I got a big bottle of the Dairy Princess and a smaller of the Honeyed Nectarines. I had a teeny bottle before and it lasted forever, I should be set for a while.

The body washes are pleasant, just as they should be. I was pleased that the cinammon in the simmering cider wasn't overwhelming.

The body spread lotion is very nice, not too greasy, not to quick to disappear, and the scent lasts for hours or even all day, if the soap I use throughout isn't overwhelmingly scented.

For samples I got some Olive Body Cream in Madrigal. The lotion itself is too greasy for me, but the scent is very pleasant. Kind of reminiscent of Chanel No. 5 but less heavy and with more green, if that makes sense. The smell mellowed on my hand to something I can't place. It's reminding me of a Halloween Party in an Elementary School for some reason. Specifically the cake walk in the art room. Don't ask! I like the scent much better after it's been on my hand for a while. There's a bit of a "Zest soap" tinge that disappears.

There were also two QTips, one was Lemon Poundcake (smells just like Lemon Poundcake!) and Blackberry Latte, which was kind of ick, like coffee poured over cough syrup.
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