March 7th, 2006


I am looking for a new face moisturizer...I am currently using MAC, Mary Kay and Clean and Clear. Before I go spend $35. on Philosophy Hope in a Jar daily moisturizer I wanted to check with you beauty gurus. I am open to other suggestions. I tend to be dry around the hairline and on the cheeks.

Also - does anyone have any promo codes for free shipping or any type of discount at Sephora?

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Virtual Makeover: abluegirl

By the way, I am putting each of these in the memories section under makeovers, so you can always easily find yours.

And the order in which the make-up is listed is the order in which I suggest putting it on. I didn't make that clear before.

Also, those of you who are in the queue (angelpez, water_melanie, lneef, worldcrzgirl, sublimekel and newbearwife) let me know if there is anything you absolutely CAN/WILL NOT wear. I know about lneef's aversion to powder blush and water_melanie's dislike for pencil eyeliner. Anything else like that that you want me to bear in mind when working up your makeover, please let me know.

Drugstore makeover for abluegirl thisaway...Collapse )
Beach flower

What I ACTUALLY ended up ordering. :)

I thought that the MMU Order I posted here a few days ago would be my final order, but I ended up changing my mind a whole lot since there's sooo many things to choose from! Here's what I ended up ordering:

Hands Up - In Provence
Hands Up - Green Tea & White Peach
Babe-Cakes Body Icing - Under Falling Stars
Body Custard - Coconut Peach Custard
Sweet Fluff Body Butter - Silver Clouds
Have a Bath or Shower - Mojito
Soul Searchin' Foot Scrub - Sweet Milk
Sugared Seas - Combo of Dulce de Leche + Tres Leches Sponge Cake + Whipped Cream (I got this combo from the memories was one of the custom scents that tasty posted. It sounded too good for me NOT to try!)

I'll definitely let ya'll know how everything is once it arrives.

Thanks for all of your help & suggestions. :)