March 6th, 2006

Doll Lindsey


My skin's cleared up lately. It has been terrible since I moved to Virginia (over a year), but in the last three weeks or so it's gotten much better-- to the point where I hardly need concealer anymore, just like it was before I moved.

I haven't changed products. The weather hasn't changed (and even if it had, I lived through a full year here already with bad skin). I've been eating a bit better, but that's over the past few months, not weeks. So I wasn't sure what to attribute this to.

Then I figured out there's one factor-- I started taking Omega-3 supplements about a month ago (I started this because Weight Watchers requires healthy oils, and I wasn't sure if I was getting enough just in my food). I got them at Costco, like $10 for 500 cod liver oil tablets (you can also get fish oil or flax oil, I think, that do something similar, but these were cheapest!)

I've been taking two a day, and a friend just mentioned to me her skin cleared up once she started getting healthy oils in her diet as well. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Would anyone with less-than-perfect skin be willing to give them a try and let me know if it does anything for you? I'm really really curious.