March 5th, 2006

Blond dreams

To all the blonds out there, one big question!

I have naturally white platinum hair, it comes in about two shades darker and ashy, but once it is down about half an inch it lightens itself out ( I guess by the sun) I decided to get some low lights put in to darken it up just a touch, but since then my hair has gone crazy. My roots seem to be coming in a bit darker, almost matching the low lights and blending in, and since then, my hair has been going a bit orangey. I have gone to a salon who suggested i wash with this shampoo that has a vaguely purple tint to it, to nutralise the orange, but that just makes my hair off color.

Does anyone have any suggestions about what I can do? I want my hair back to normal. We are TTC and I do not want to fuss with hair color or anything while preg. Can coloring change your natural tones? Or is it changing due to damage? Someone please send advice!