March 4th, 2006

crazy bear

I think I have officially lost my mind. Today while buying princessbunny her wonderful yankee candle, I happened to stop in at sephora to see what was new. They had the Jessica Simpson body line on clearance ( 5.00 for every item ) and I actually bought it! No idea what I was thinking but I do like the one lipgloss, and the sugar scrub smells good, like strawberry. No idea how it works yet, I need to get the courage to try them. I hate Simpson, so I am hesitant to try her products. Has anyone tried it yet? Heard any good or bad comments?

I also purchased this product called "Too faced Extreme Lip Injection". It's this lip gloss you apply morning and night, and apparently will plump your lips up. I love the idea of fatter lips, I think mine have suffered too many sunburns ( I am very pale ) and they are just loosing the plumpness they once had. It hurts horribly for a few minutes after you first smear it on, but it seems to be working, has anyone used it yet?
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