March 2nd, 2006

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Virtual Makeover for just_glory

As you may or may not know, I love doing people's make-up. I've taken a few classes in it, did stage make-up for the drama clubs in high school, and made-up all my own models when I was a photography major in college. When I managed a beauty salon for a year in the 90s, I did Aveda makeovers in the salon as a sideline and usually sold everything I put on my client's faces. It's something I really enjoy, and recently have been offering to do in a "virtual" sense for my friends online.

Basically, you tell me if you want drugstore brands or Sephora brands, and email me a good close up photo of yourself, with or without make-up. Then I post all the brands and colours I would put on you if I were going to do your face, which allows you to go to the drugstore (or Sephora) armed with my recommendations and make yourself over!

I can only do two a week, believe it or not it's actually time consuming and I can only focus on one girl at a time. Right now I have the next three weeks filled up, but when I get nearer to the end of the queue, I'll post a message here asking if anyone else would like one.

Here's the first one!

Drugstore makeover for just_glory thisaway...Collapse )

cymraeg, yours will be posted tomorrow.