February 22nd, 2006


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HOLD on all sales as of Feb. 23

Updating sale post to show what's still available.  Also, LUSH "I Should Coco" soap added to list.

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I'm organizing this by maker and further organizing from that.

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Again, first come, first served - order of comments posted will be used. Any questions, please let me know!

Sale Status:  Please see original post to confirm what you bought! sweetpea86's package hand-delivered by Feb. 12. minibucher's, ladyleo's, and princessbunny's package mailed via USPS on Feb. 17. princessbunny's package returned on Feb. 21 due to postal incompetence and is back on its way as of Feb. 22. sunflwgal's and xcommunicate1's packages will be hand-delivered on Feb. 25.  Providing payment info to rhiannonfaery evening of Feb. 22.
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I'm proud of myself today. I actually started the day by washing and moisturizing my face. I used PH20 by Phisoderm facial cleanser followed by Olay daily moisture with SPF 15. I really need to start taking better care of ALL my skin. Is it better to use a regular lotion or a body butter or what? Is the super thick body butter stuff just for occasionally?

Today I got an invite from a friend of my to try Jaqua bath products. They seem a little pricey to me, but if you can get your friends to sign up on their website, they send a free sample for every 3 referrals. That seems pretty cool. If you haven't seen them they're here: http://www.jaquabeauty.com/

If you decide to be a Jaqua VIP for the first time, I'd like it if you listed me as your referral: gsj0408@hotmail.com.