February 21st, 2006

my frog by Ilene Book

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Hey, I'm joining this community because it's about time I grew up, started taking care of my skin, and realized I'm getting a bit old for a ponytail and no make-up almost every single day. I need some help ladies!!! I love deliciously scented bath goodies and lotion as much as the next girl, but I generally feel guilty purchasing such novelties, and I know squat about cosmetics. Honestly, I walk into Walgreen's or Wal-Mart intending to buy make-up and I'm so overwhelmed by all the choices I usually walk out with NO new cosmetics. Most of my cosmetics come from my step-mom because she works at Kroger and brings boxes of free stuff home when they have to pull it off the shelves. I've never set down at one of the make-up counters in department stores because I'm afraid they'll laugh at me. I don't know what colors to choose for my skin tone/eye color/hair color. I'm 25 but the skin on my face is starting to look much older. I still have problems with acne, dry skin, and dark circles under my eyes. I'm so cosmetics-stupid, I don't even know the basics. Seriously in need of some help.

Now, your favourites...
Place to shop for beauty products: Walgreen's
Drugstore cosmetic brand: Covergirl
High end cosmetic brand: never bought high end cosmetics
Foundation: covergirl...but I can never get the color right. I'm just afraid to try something new.
Concealer: don't wear it
Eyeliner: don't wear it
Mascara: I've got some kind of Maybelline stuff right now
Blush: I've been using the same Covergirl blush since I bought it 2 years ago. Not the same color...the exact same one.
Lipstick/Lipgloss: chapstick
Nail polish brand: Opi
Perfume: Estee Lauder Pleasures
Men's Cologne: Cool Waters
Shampoo: Biolage (I only get it when my mom gives it to me as a gift)
Conditioner: same as shampoo
Styling Product: I don't own any styling products
Soap/Shower gel: Bath & Bodyworks warm vanilla sugar or country apple
Bath additive (bubbles/ballistic/oil/salts etc..): I haven't used enough to choose a favorite

Do you have a facial cleansing ritual? If so, what is it and what products do you use? Are you happy with them, or looking for better ones? I wash my face twice a day. I often use the body wash I have in the shower. Sometimes I use Noxema, the gel kind with the scrubby beads in it. I like it okay. I still get break-outs though, and my skin is really uneven, oily in some spots and pealy dry in others. This is obviously not working for me.

Preferred Hair Removal Method: Shaving. With Sean's Gillette Sensor.

Any other products you can't live without? not yet.

Any products you hate, or have had a bad experience with? not really

I hope I can learn some things from the girly girls in here. And even if I don't, I just like hearing about Bunny's baths:)