February 20th, 2006

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Newbie. : )

Place to shop for beauty products: Target / online
Drugstore cosmetic brand: Sonia Kashuk / N.Y.C
High end cosmetic brand: Smashbox
Foundation: Don’t wear
Concealer: N.Y.C
Eyeliner: N.Y.C
Mascara: Sonia Kashuk
Blush: Don't wear any
Lipstick/Lipgloss: My Lip Stuff (that's the brand)
Nail polish brand: Don’t wear
Perfume: Trying to find a good one
Men's Cologne: None
Shampoo: V05 Oasis Almond
Conditioner: V05 Oasis Almond
Styling Product: None
Soap/Shower gel: Clearly Natural soap in Blackberry
Bath additive (bubbles/ballistic/oil/salts etc..): Aromatherapy's soothing bath salts

Do you have a facial cleansing ritual? If so, what is it and what products do you use? Are you happy with them, or looking for better ones? I just wash my face with oatmeal and then put on lotion. I am looking for a good face lotion as mine isn’t that great

Preferred Hair Removal Method: Laser (if I had the money).

Any other products you can't live without? Lotion/ cream

Any products you hate, or have had a bad experience with? I have sensitive skin so pretty much all face washes I have bad experiences with. I can’t pin a brand on that one though!