February 1st, 2006

Birdy Love

Stupid hormones

Now that I'm back on birth control pills, my skin has reacted just as it did the last time I went this route: by breaking out. Why couldn't I be one of the many who's skin improves from the pill?

At any rate, I'm getting small pimples on my cheeks, particularly lower down toward the jawline. I want to start on a regimine to help combat these, and could use a far better skincare regimine as it is, so this is just a good excuse. I use generic Cetaphil in the shower with a mild exfoliation (I've had a lot of dry skin buildup lately for some reason) and Neutrogena moisturizer (I dab Curel on the dry areas when necessary). To remove make-up, I used baby wipes.

I am prone to blackheads on my nose and chin, and nothing I've ever tried gets rid of those darn things, so I've 'bout given up. My skin is prone to dryness on my cheeks and in the area between my eyebrows. But I'm prone to a bit of oiliness on, surprise, my nose and chin. Basically, it's a nice combination of every problem possible. Oh, and I'm sensitive to fragrances, so I always buy unfragranced and/or "for sensitive skin" formulas.

Does anyone have any drugstore recommendations for products I should try? I'm planning to swing through Wal*Mart tomorrow and pick up a thing or two there, but wanted to see if anything stood out as having worked best for a number of folks.