January 31st, 2006

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The siren song of Coconut Hut

I've ordered from Coconut Hut just twice now, and of each order, I've only found one scent that I really longed to re-order (Coconut Pear; I picked up a scrub and a cream in full-size!). But I still look through their scent menu and find so many I want to try!

So today or tomorrow, I'm placing the following order:
Coconut Pear Sea Spray Body & Hair Mist SALE $5.00 (I don't usually buy sprays, but princessbunny has raved about the quality of CH's, and at this price, I can't pass it up)
Lemon Drop Cookie Body Butter $10.75 (birthday present for my sister, who fell for the sample I had of this scent)
Lemon Drop Cookie Mist $5.00 (birthday present, again)
Sample pack: Angel Food Cake; Island Kiss; Pink Sugar $6.50

And I need to place an order a BPAL for a 5 mL of Amsterdam. Again, a place I ordered samples from on a couple of occasions, and of all the imps I sniffed, only Amsterdam, Dublin and O made a positive impression, and of those, Amsterdam is the one I love the most.

And, to add a question to this otherwise rather pointless post... has anyone ever found a true Honeysuckle body scent? I've found a wonderful Honeysuckle candle carried by White Barn Candle Company, but every time I see it listed in body products, it's mixed with other sniffs. I just want a true Honeysuckle. Heck, I'd like to bottle the scent of the candle and just wear that. Any tips?

Happy Girly Tuesday!
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Bonnie Bell VitaGloss

Want a super shiny wet-looking lipgloss that's not sticky? Want a moisturizing lip gloss with just a tiny hint of natural looking colour?

I highly recommend Bonnie Bell VitaGloss!

I got some in Sheer Kiwi a few days ago, which is a pretty Barbie pink, not green the way it sounds. Loved it so much and wore it all day every day, so I went back for Sheer Plum today.

Good stuff, y'all!

Sorry to those of you who already saw this, I meant to post it here not in my personal LJ!
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