January 25th, 2006


at the drugstore...at the drugstore yeah

You know that Cover Girl Lash Exact mascara that Queen Latifah has been shilling on the teevee? With the funny rubber bristled brush?

It's my new love item. ♥ ♥ ♥ Hellooooooooooo eyelashes!

Also, what's your favourite drugstore foundation? I can't find one I like. L'Oreal's Perfect Match is okay. Same with the Visible Lift. But I'd like something a little fluffier. Kind of the texture of Maybelline Dream Matte mousse but not as heavy coverage. Basically, the best foundation on earth is made by Boots the chemist in the UK. And since I don't live near one of the US Targets which are now selling the No. 7 make-up line (and don't even know if they have this foundation) and no longer go to England regularly to re-stock, I'm going to run out soon and have to find something new.

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desk set

Bare Escentuals

You know, I’ve given it a real shot. I gave it two weeks and it’s just not working for me. I don’t feel like it covers my flaws easily enough without looking cakey and I feel like heavy makeup lady when I wear it. The color is definitely a good match for my skin and it lasts throughout the day but I don’t feel like my skin glows like it does when I wear my MAC liquid foundation and the coordinating powder.

That said I’ll probably be looking to get rid of my Bare Escentuals stuff. I bought the kit and a few extras:

1 small (kit sized) tub of Fairly Light
1 small (kit sized) tub of Light
1 small (kit sized) tub of Mineral Veil
1 small (kit sized) tub of Warmth

1 Large tub of Fair
1 tub of Clear Radiance

Since the kit cost me 60.00 and the extras cost me about 30.00 I’m out quite a bit on this lot. I’d like to get SOME money for it but since it’s been used (about 14 applications … there is still a TON left in these things) I’m not sure what to ask for. Make me an offer. I’d also be up for some trade as well!

The kit came with the Kabuki Brush, The medium coverage brush and the concealer brush. I’ve cleaned these brushes thoroughly but totally understand if you’d rather purchase these on your own at the store. Kit also includes the Instructional DVD and booklet.

Any Takers?