January 7th, 2006


Because I am bored like whatfor..

I offer the following links to get y'all good and broke.
If any of y'all are currently unaware of MakeupAlley, it ranks rather high on the 'broke in a good way' scale. The above link is for a member's notepad that lists all of the etailers (and Canadian etailers) known to man. If you were thinking about maybe starting your own business, it appears that the market may be saturated. Just a guess. (If you want to go really gleeful, notepad search for 'CareKate', she's just genius, she's figured out ways to actually make your own cosmetics that are more useful than 'put lemon in your hair for highlights.' )
Also a link from the same page which may be even -more- entertaining:
http://www.lemmingcentral.com - Lemming Central: Beauty Consumer meets Etailers
They have a box! A box of samples! If Europe did not smack me back financially from whence I came, I would order a nice little box of samples! ... in the meantime, I will be using up my stash.
Go forth and educate yourselfs. [sic]